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"Farnaz has managed to create a genre of her own - a feminine version of Flamenco."

- Kasandra La China ,

Al Mozaico Flamenco Academy

She has also studied Persian classical/traditional and folk singing under the masterful guidance of Ostad Nezakaty and Tahere Falahati.


She has also been training as a flamenco dancer since 1998. Her training intensified when she joined the Al Mozaico Flamenco Academy and started learning the delicate and complicated nuances of this amazing musical expression, under the guidance of Kassandra (La China) and Oscar Nieto.

She began singing flamenco in 2002 under the supportive guidance of Oscar Nieto and begun performing in various festivals, venues, cultural events and concerts in BC. She has since been taking hours of private Flamenco Cante lessons with multitudes of visiting artists from US and Spain, such as Vicente Amigos, Naike Ponce and Lucas Ortega to name a few.

Farnaz Ohadi’s background in music making and singing is extensive. Her training started at the age of 5 when she first sat down at the piano, which eventually drew her to the harp and the handpan. 

While growing up in her native land of Iran, she organized and sang in many school choirs, productions and even was heard every noon hour calling the worshipers to prayer, a role predominantly reserved for men unless it is performed in a female only environment.

Upon her move to Canada, her training in voice formalized with Operatic voice trainings, which have intensified in the last 1.5 years under the guidance of Frederik Robert.

PersianFlamenco, FlamencoInFarsi, Flamencofusion

Her love of music and performance art has brought her in contact with many world class musicians and artists in Canada and abroad.  A collaborative project like Mashregh Ensemble that will draw on her many interests and skills seemed only the most natural next step in her evolution as an artist. She was drawn to start combining Persian Poetry and Flamenco music when in 2010 she felt compelled to find her own authentic voice – this journey brought her to the turning point of releasing her debut album: “Bird Dance” in 2017; her live album of the same name in 2019 and a third album titled "Azadi.Libertad" in 2020. Her single Yar was released on March 17th 2023 and

Currently she is working with Flamenco Composer Gaspar Rodriguez Roman on a fourth album, to be released in May 2023.

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