Farnaz Ohadi Ensemble is long over due. The artists who are pulled together for this project have been working together for at least 15 years, often longer. With unwavering passion and love of Flamenco, dance and innovation, they speak the same language and have the same goal: to continuously push themselves beyond their own limits.

Farnaz is blessed to be accompanied by such fearless artists on her journey as she explores the common threads between Iranian music and poetry and Flamenco. The connection between these long time friends and the deep respect they hold for each other is unmistakable in every one of their shows.

The group offers a paired down version of Farnaz's larger ensemble, Mashregh, focusing on an almost "unplugged" style of presentation at times to a more traditional "Flamenco Quadro" style. Improvisation, musicality and risk taking is what sets them apart, with stories that many audience members can relate to.