And Their Healing Properties

Using particular frequencies in music is not a new concept. In fact the idea is very much rooted in the ancient world where the power of music and its affect on the listener was a known and respected fact. The frequency used in almost all modern music and creation of musical instruments of today is at 432 hz.  

It is rumored that this frequency was a direct by-product of the attempts of the Nazi party in Germany to create chaos and disorder in the world, as a way to promote war and agitation.

"Music has the power to affect us profoundly only if we stay open to its miracle"

Mashregh ensemble is not often able to

reach the optimum 432 hz tuning in their music since the group is compromised of many western instruments that are not made to be tuned in that frequency. However, the recent album (Bird Dance)  released on October 1,  2016 has achieved this monumental task and the result is absolutely soul nourishing.

Many listeners have commented on the ensemble's music that it promotes strong emotions and almost "healing" after effects in them. Ultimately that is the highest goal of the ensemble. 


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