Listen with your Heart's ear.

"The ensemble brings together a large yet cohesive group of world class musicians, each masters of their own craft"

- Ian Bruce , concert attendee

Mashregh (East) is a musical ensemble combining the haunting and passionate flamenco music with the spiritual lyrics of Persian poetry. 

With Farnaz Ohadi as the singer and the musical director at the helm, Mashregh strives to create meditative melodies that transcend Earthly boundaries and transport the soul to the East and beyond.

Accompanied with skillful Spanish guitar of  Dennis Duffin,  she represents a new sound, unique in its genre of world music; music that is at once contemplative and rejuvenating.

Mashregh Ensemble will often welcome many renowned local and visiting guest artists. 

All our instruments are tuned to 432 hz. To learn more about our intentions and why we have chosen this particular tuning, please take a look at the section called "frequencies".

Mashregh means East - both in Farsi and Arabic.


Composition by PIRIS ELIYAHU

Hajj - Bird Dance album release
Concert, dancer: Cristina Benitez

past and current

Farnaz Ohadi - Singer/Song Writer/Artistic Director
Dennis Duffin - Flamenco Guitar

Gareth Owen - Flamenco guitar

Peter Mole - Flamenco guitar

Dennis Duffin - Flamenco guitar

Davide Sampaolo - Flamenco/Latin percussion

Bardia Sadeghi - Persian percussion

Hamin Honari - Persian percussion

Liam MacDonald - Percussion

Jonathan Bernard - Percussion

Saina Khaledi - Tombak, Santour

Sadaf Amini - Santour

Michael Rush - Flamenco bass

Josue Ronkio - Flamenco bass

Andre Stepanian - Electric guitar

Ali Razmi - Tar, Setar, Vocals

Reza Honari - Kamanche

Mark Eliyahu - Kamanche

Sina Ettehand - Kamanche

Cristina Benitez - Flamenco dance

Kasandra La China - Flamenco dance

Michelle Harding - Flamenco dance

Andrea Williams - Flamenco dance