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Farnaz Ohadi, born and raised in Iran, and a resident of Canada has recently moved to Sevilla Spain and is excited to present 90 minutes of exciting and innovative world class music, in a unique style: Persian Flamenco. She combines traditional and modern Flamenco paolos and rhythms with Farsi poetry. Those who understand flamenco will recognize familiar forms such as Alegrias, Solea, Seguiriyas and more in her music and lovers of lyricism will revel in the rich cultural heritage of Persian Poetry. Her lyrics tell stories of rising above oppression, human rights, nostalgia, love of motherland, and ofcoure of love and heart break.

Accompanied by a world class group of musicians she will travel with the audience to Iran and back to Spain, an auditory journey that will be enriched visually by videos of persian calligraphy, illustration and Persian motives and architecture. Flamenco dancers and a guest Persian Sama dancer will be the icing on the came,  this bouquet of many flavours and sensory rich experience.

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